Annual Report


Westbrook-RockHill Foundation

To Our Readers,

This history-based website continued to expand throughout the year of 2018 by taking full advantage of the re-formulations that were made in conjunction with our new programmers and hosting company, WordHerd.

We have become more and more of an Internet force and unparalleled information site about the geographical area and Cheltenham, Pennsylvania as we promised you in our previous Annual Report.

2018 Website Highlights:

  • Our research and planning strategy based upon our revamped footprint on the Internet.
  • We solidified our programming and hosting into one source.
  • We brought a new era of financial responsibility to the area of programming and placing of new materials onto the site.
  • The section, “Who They Were, What They Did” saw the beginning of an expansion with the addition of a review of each unit’s most important engagements.
  • We continued our relationship with local and national historical organizations.
  • Members of our staff enrolled and attended courses of the Delaware Valley Civil War Round Table conducted at Manor College.
  • A new section was added to the site that described and reviewed the history of several historical sites in Cheltenham Township that are open to visitors.

The Westbrook-RockHill Foundation, Inc.

The non-profit foundation is the official financial support for the historic La Mott, Pennsylvania website. It is overseen by a Board of Directors. Unfortunately, 2018 saw the deaths of several of those directors and a reorganization of the board and its positions is taking place for the year 2019.

The Westbrook-RockHill Foundations, Inc. as of January 2019

William F. Chambrés
Founder and Editor in Chief of the website. In 2005, “Bill” Chambrés was designated as the Historian Laureate for La Mott PA by the Cheltenham Board of Commissioners. He is a member of the American Historical Association, the Company of Military Historians, the Organization of American Historians and the Society of Military History. He is a resident of La Mott, Pennsylvania

Richard H. Utley, President, Utley Associates – Harrisburg, PA

Vice President

Frederick C. Foard, M.B.A. – Virginia Beach, VA


We continue to honor our former deceased Directors and their contributions to the website.

Daniel M. Holstrom – Yardley, PA

Former Vice President

Harvey Portner – Elkins Park, PA

Former Treasurer

Norman “Gunny” Triplett – USMC retired – La Mott, PA

Former Director

Dr. William L. West, Ph.D. – Ladysmith, VA

Former Director

NOTE: Westbrook-RockHill Foundation directors do not receive compensation or expenses for their work as directors of the Foundation.


This Annual Report contains an overview of Westbrook-RockHill Foundation’s business as well as information regarding the Foundation’s operations during 2018 and other information the readers of our website, Historic-La may find useful.


The website supported by the Westbrook-RockHill Foundation is a non-commercial site that delivers, without charge to its readers, information about a historic area in Southeastern Pennsylvania. The site delivers a broad portfolio of information to users in the education, genealogy, military, general population and to historical societies around the world.

As of the close of our fiscal year on December 31, 2018, we had no full-time or part-time employees. All administrative work required to maintain the website is outsourced to independent contractors or businesses. Our principal executive and editorial offices are located at 1831 Chelsea Road, La Mott, PA 19027-1057, telephone number; (215) 635-5909.



The website services deliver, at no charge to users, a non-commercial, workplace (desktop, laptop or mobile) Internet history site that enables users to obtain and print out information about the Cheltenham Township, Pennsylvania area with special emphasis on the La Mott section of that township. Those interested in Civil War genealogical research may review a searchable database of the soldiers trained at Camp William Penn and the officers who were responsible for that training. Throughout the site hyperlinks are used to verify and expand the information presented. Information is continually updated to remain current with new research or events of the day.

The infrastructure of the website is a WordPress content management system, backed by PHP and hosted on a dedicated WP Engine server in partnership with WordHerd, a website migration and development company from Sedona, Arizona. The WordHerd team are the developers of the Historic La Mott website and migrated the content from the past ColdFusion website.

Research and editorial services are led by Board Director, William F. Chambrés and are supported by dedicated independent clerical consultants under our contracted direction and computer programmers who are attached to WordHerd. A sub-division of the Website Services Section is the Application Section. This section helps organize and plan self-contained packaged divisions of the website. These divisions are reflected on a “geographical spreadsheet” that is used for the insertion and planning of information to be added to the website.


Expense Category Amount
Accounting Services Donated
Advertising $0.00
Computer Programs $74.95
Computer Upgrades  $0.00
Consultants $287.50
Domain Registration  $30.00
Donations (Gifts) $50.00
Internet Hosting $903.28
Licenses and Permits  $0.00
Memberships & Dues $207.00
Office Supplies $525.62
Postal Express Services & Stamps $60.00
Promotion & Publicity  $0.00
Subscriptions $24.00
Telephone Service $361.08
Travel $0.00
Web site Development (Upgrade) $0.00
Total 2018 expenses $2,523.43Income (Donations) $2,733.17
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