Cheltenham Township

Cheltenham, Pennsylvania is a residential township within Montgomery County. It is located 10 miles north of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Settled in 1682 by Quakers from Cheltenham, England, the area was incorporated as a township in 1900.

The township is twinned (Sister City Objectives and Activities – “While once confined to largely symbolic cultural exchanges, twinning has come of age with the realization that better relations between peoples can also mean enhanced economic prospects.” Sister cities have been defined by Zelinsky (1991) as having a broad set of attributes. Formal agreements are usually made by municipal officials and are intended to last indefinitely although some may be cancelled, suspended or allowed to decline. As a result, the relationship is not limited to a single project. It opens the way for a variety of shared activities, all presumably serving the overall objective of advancing mutual understanding and friendship. These twinning arrangements may be motivated by the desire to promote world peace, mutual understanding and friendship, but the emphasis on these attributes by Zelinsky (1991) ignores the increasing priority on economic benefits.) with Cheltenham, U.K.

The township has an area of 9.0 square miles (23.4 square kilometers) and includes the towns of Cheltenham, Elkins Park, Wyncote, Glenside, Melrose Park and Laverock. Elkins Park, Glenside and Melrose Park are communities within the township that are close to La Mott.

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