Founded in 1888, Glenside PA is the area served by the Glenside Post Office, Zip Code 19038.This area which covers sections of two townships (Abington and Cheltenham) is home to what began as many villages: North Hills, Ardsley, Edgehill, Corktown, Switchville and Weldon to name a few. Over the years the town has seen its main thoroughfare change names from Plank Road to the Willow Grove and Germantown Turnpike to today’s Easton Road

This small census-designated community located in Montgomery County, Abington Township was reported in the 2000 census to have a population of 7,914. The population live in 3,103 households of which 31.3% have children under the age of 18 living with them according to that report. The average family size in this suburban community is 3.21 and the median income for a family is $74,025.

The town is the Home of the Keswick Theater. The 1300 seat concert theater is located at 256 Keswick Avenue in Glenside is rich in history and is considered one of the most “acoustically perfect” venues in the Philadelphia area. The theater presents a broad range of internationally acclaimed performers geared to virtually every entertainment taste and interest.

Historic TheatreThis historic theater first opened it doors on Christmas Night, 1928. Nationally recognized as the most comfortable, acoustically perfect listening room in the entire Philadelphia market, the Keswick was designed by acclaimed architect Horace Trumbauer.

The Keswick Theater in the center of Glenside is 3.79 miles (6.10 kilometers) from the La Mott Community Center.

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