Jenkintown is one of the two boroughs in Abington Township, Montgomery County, Pennsylvania. It was incorporated on December 8, 1874 and included an area of 248 acres taken from Abington Township, Its extreme length from north to south is about ¾ of a mile and bounds Cheltenham Township for over one-half of that distance. The first Burgess, Marian Chalfon served under March, 1876.

According to information obtained from the United States Bureau 2000 count the borough had a population of 4,478 people. These people reside in 2,085 households and 1,088 families. The average household size is 2.19 and the average family size is 3.08. The community of Jenkintown has the lowest percent of African-Americans of any of the communities close to La Mott (0.04%). There were no new housing units added to the borough during the year 2004.

The Jenkintown borough office at 700 Summit Avenue, Jenkintown, PA 19046 is 2.55 miles (4.10 kilometers) from the La Mott Community Center.

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