Recommended Reading

Name of Book Author Publisher Cost Comments
A Just and Generous Nation Harold Holzer & N Garfinkle Basic Books $27.99 311 pages
A Legal Hist. of C.W. & Reconstruction Laura F. Edwards Cambridge Univ. Press $29.99  212 page
A Misplaced Massacre: Struggling over… Ari Kelman Harvard Univ. Press $23.49 Hard Cover – 384 pages
A Spectacle for Men and Angels D. Harrower/T. Wieckowski Infinity Publishing $19.95 Paper – 448 pages
African Americans and the Gettysburg Camp… James M. Paradis Scarecrow Press $19.95 Paper – 182 pages
After Appomattox: Military Occupation… Gregory P. Downs Harvard Univ. Press $21.55 342 pages
Amistad’s Orphans: Story of Children, Slavery.. Benjamin N. Lawrence Yale Univ. Press $85.00 358 pages
Battles of Chancellorsvile & Fredericksburg Luvaas & Wilson University of Kansas Press $14.95 paper – 364 pages
Becoming Confederates Gary W. Gallaaagher Univ. of Ga. Press $18.95 paper
Cambridge Companion to A. Lincoln Shirley Samuels Cambridge Univ. Press $80.00 223 pages
Camp William Penn 1863-1865 Donald Scott, Sr. Schiffer Press $29.73 383 pages
Civil War Medicine Alfred J. Bollet Galen Press $48.95  475 pages
Disunion: A History of the Civil War The New York Times Oxford Univ. Press $24.41 392 pages
Embattled Rebel: J. Davis & Confederate C.W. James M, McPherson Penguin Press $17.00 301 pages
Freedom National James Oakes Norton Press $21.43 Lincoln Prize Winner
From Slavery to Freedom John Hope Franklin McGraw Hill $116.72 9th Ed. 736 pages
Gangrene and Glory; Med. Care in C.W. Frank R. Freemon Univ. Illinois Press $16.82 paper – 256 pages
Gateway to Freedom: Hx Underground RR Eric Foner W.W. Norton & Co, $26.95 301 pages
Guide to Richmon-Petersburg Campaign Charles R. Bowery, Jr + Univ. Press of Kansas $19.95 paper – 536 pages
Intensly Human: Health of Black’s in C.W. Margaret Humphreys John Hopkins Univ. Press $34.15 224 pages
Learning from the Wounded Shauna Devine Univ. North Carolina Press $39.95 cloth – 384 pages
Lee’s Lost Dispatch Philip Leigh Westholme Publishing $18.95 paper – 224 pages
Lincoln and the U.S. Colored Troops John David Smith Southern Ilinois Univ Press $24.95 168 pages
Lincoln’s Hundred Days Louis P. Masur Harvard Univ. Press $18.95 384 pages
Lincoln’s Last Speech: Wartime Reconst. …. Louis P. Masur Oxford Univ. Press $24.95 247 pages
Lincoln’s Lieutenants Stephen W. Sears Houghton Mifflin Harcourt $38.00 cloth – 896 Pages
Lucretia Mott’s Heresy Carol Faulkner University of Penn Press $24.95 paper – 312 pages
Ordeal of the Union Allan Nevins Charles Scribners Sons 8 volumes
Practicing Med. In a Black Regiment Burt G. Wilder Univ. Mass. Press $30.00 288 pages
Remembering Cheltenham Township Donald Scott, Sr. The History Press $19.99 Paper – 144 pages
Richmond Must Fall… Hampton Newsome Kent State Univ. Press $41.08 Hard Cover – 447 pages
Six Encounters with Lincoln Elizabeth Brown Pryor Viking Press $35.00 480 pages
Slavery, the Civil War, & Reconst. Adam Rothmn AHA Store pamphlet
Soldiering for Freedom Bob Luke & John D. Smith John Hopkins Univ. Press $19.95 paperback – 144 pages
Strike the Flow for Freedom: The 6th USCT James M. Paradis White Mane Publishing $10.28 paper – 203 pages
The Business of Slavery & Rise Capitalism Calvin Schermerhorn Yale Univ. Press $65.00 336 pages
The Cause of All Nations Don H. Doyle Basic Books $29.99 400 pages
The Civil War Awakening Adam Goodheart Alfred A.Knopf $28.95 481 pages
The Earth is Weeping Peter Cozzens Alfred A.Knopf $35.00 544 page
The Emergence of Lincoln Allan Nevins Charles Scribners Sons $7.99 Vols. 1 & 2 – 532 pages
The Long Emancipation Ira Berlin Harvard Univ. Press $22.95 227 pages
The Second Founding Eric Foner W.W. Norton $13.89 254 pages
The Slave’s Cause Manisha Sinha Yale Univ. Press $37.50 768 pages
The War for the Union Allan Nevins Charles Scribners Sons $17.09 paper 442 pages
The West Point History of the Civil War various historians Simon & Schuster $33.00 322 pages
This Great Struggle Steven E. Woodworth Rowman & Litlefield $19.95 paper
War Upon the Land: Military Strategy… Lisa M. Brady Univ. of Georgia Press $20.50 paper – 208 pages
We Have the War Upon Us William J. Cooper Knopf/Doubleday $16.00 cloth – 368 pages
When Gen. Grant Expelled the Jews Jonathan D. Sarna Knopf/Doubleday $24.95 cloth – 224 pages
William Tecumseh Sherman James Lee McDonough W.W. Norton & Co, $39.95 816 pages
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