Submitting Data and Pictures

The editors of this Web site encourage our readers and visitors to submit materials or pictures to us for review and possible inclusion on the site. As editors of this site we live by our rule of the three ‘A’s. They are Accessibility, Accuracy and Accountability.

All materials, information and pictures on the site must meet these criteria. Therefore we ask, that before submitting any data or pictures to us you verify the source. We normally do this with a reference and sometimes a hyperlink. We also ask that you provide us with all available information relating to the data being submitted as well as a means by which we may contact you.

Materials submitted from outside of our research sources will always be credited to the person(s) who have supplied the information to us. Therefore we ask that you include your name and address. All accepted submissions to us will be acknowledged in writing.

In the case of photographs or documents of importance, these are not accepted directly. We ask that you contact us about them and if, after discussion we decide to accept them for inclusion on the Web site, we ask that you do the following:

  1. Give us the name and address of your nearest Kinko’s store.
  2. We will contact them and make arrangements for you to bring the materials to them for scanning.
  3. They will scan the materials, charge our corporate account for the work, and send the scanned files to us.

In this manner you retain possession of your valued documents or pictures and we will then include them on our site. This is all done with our thanks and no charge to you.

All materials to be considered must be of a noncommercial nature and with the understanding that this site may permit free use and distribution of portions of the site or the entire site to schools, universities, libraries, historical societies for noncommercial purposes. A waiver will be drafted to cover all submitted and accepted materials from compensation or other remuneration to the donor. This waiver must be completed BEFORE any of the steps above are taken.

We thank you in advance for your interest.

The Editors and Programmers of the Historic La Mott Web site

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