The La Mott School

To encourage purchasers of his Camptown Lots Davis agreed to build and operate a school for their children. It looked like “a little Quaker Meeting House, ” he said later of the two-room frame building he erected on the east side of School Street to accommodate 30 children. The Cheltenham School District rented the building for a time, paying $7.50 per month, until they bought the property for $1,400 on August 31, 1870.”

Miss Ella Randall The first school teacher at the school was Miss Ella Randall who began teaching there in February of 1868. She later married Thomas O. Rowland, great-grandson of Benjamin Rowland.

The La Mott School was built as a grammar school by the Cheltenham School District in 1878. Greatly enlarged in 1900, the building served as a school until 1940. At that time the Community Center went under the proprietorship of the citizens of La Mott, until it was taken over by the township in 1967. Today it continues to serve a variety of social, educational and recreational activities under the direction of the Parks and Recreation Department.

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